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4 Pillars of a Truly-Local Community

 Every Community Needs the “Truly-Local Community” National Designation


Q:       What is the “Truly-Local Community” designation?

A:        A National designation indicating your community has taken actionable steps in building what we refer to as a Truly-Local DNA. Earning

           the prestigious “Truly-Local Community” designation indicates to others you are committed to the four pillars required in a more local

           friendly environment where innovation, teamwork, action and progress are evident.


Q:        What are the four (4) pillars of a “Truly-Local Community”?

A:        Community Teamwork, Community Education, Community Action and Community Pride.


Q:        How difficult is the process and how long does it take to earn this National designation?

A:        The process isn’t difficult for a community that understands the importance of establishing a truly local DNA. A community can earn

            their designation and first star in a matter of a few weeks. Becoming a 5-star “Truly-Local Community” takes a more aggressive

            approach and can be done in about a year.


Q:        How do we earn the stars leading to a 5-Star community?

A:        You earn points for each item completed under the various pillars. It is set-up in such a way any community with a desire can earn

            additional stars every couple of months. The real beauty is that you may be doing some of the items already, in that case it is all about

            incorporating that into a synergistic approach that allows it to be work alongside other community elements allowing for greater overall



Q:        What is the overall driving objective with the program?

A:        This entire program is about working together as a community, building synergies along the way. When a community has everyone

            rowing in the same direction, no bar is too high to conquer.


Q:        What is the cost to participate?

A:        The beauty of this program is you determine what makes sense. It ranges from $1000/yr. where everything is done virtually to a high of

            $5000 the first year and $1000/yr. after that where we visit your community guiding you through the process. It is affordable for a

            community of any size. The cost includes monthly training webinars, surveys gaging community progress and impact of the process

            and pride within the community.


Q:        When do we start?

A:        We work with many communities and the start-up time is flexible. We determine what makes sense for your community and attempt to

            meet those guidelines.


Q:        Who should lead this local effort?

        Of course that depends on the dynamics in your community. Typically, it makes sense to have the city leaders endorse the program.

            Knowing they don’t have time, having the Chamber, Main Street, Economic Development or local media company lead the coordination

            of the effort is usually the best approach. The main ingredient of the leader is excitement and innovative spirit.

Truly-Local Community Designation Process


Teamwork, Education, Action and Pride are the four vital pillars to a successful Truly-Local community. 


Pillar #1 – Community Teamwork: to achieve the maximum results and potential, communities must work together in a common cause rowing in the same direction.


Pillar #2 – Community Education: to assure success, the entire community must be educated as the importance of being a Truly-Local community. This is done with extensive and ongoing education.


Pillar #3 – Community Action: to achieve results and assure success, nothing happens without taking the correct action steps. When action is coupled with teamwork and education, success knows no bounds.


Pillar #4 – Community Pride: when you establish teamwork, educate the community and take action, you have started building a foundation that instills pride in your community from all that live there.


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