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"TRULY-LOCAL COMMUNITY"  National Magazine

The “TRULY-LOCAL COMMUNITY” magazine is a 2X a year, full-color and glossy 48-52 page digital magazine that reaches tens of thousands of readers throughout the United States with each edition.  The first is set to launch in November of 2021 and then will run bi-annually each May and November.


This magazine will feature many of the Nationally Designated 1-5 Star "TRULY-LOCAL COMMUNITIES" from around the country.   Not only that, it will feature many of the unique ideas and processes being used around the country to help you build that Truly-Local mindset we all strive for. 


Along with these great communities working on instilling their own Truly-local mindset, it will feature many of our partners that provide those services and the products that allow communities to work towards this goal.  These partners operate in the digital, print, e-commerce, newsletters, systems, loyalty, membership arena, branding, marketing, teleservices, and so much more.


Each issue will also focus and highlight the various innovative and transformational practice’s that are sweeping the country. In short, each edition is so much more than what you might expect and is geared to be a guide for innovation and how to facilitate innovation and transformation within your community and news-media company.

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