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A Limited Liability Corporation

TRULY-LOCAL is Not Just a Company, it is a National Movement!


Investors look for communities having excitement and energy before investing their dollars. They understand excitement and energy coupled with investor dollars equals true transformation. 


TRULY-LOCAL is a national movement helping to reverse the outflow of local dollars being spent at national digital and e-commerce enterprises and bring them back to their local communities. As importantly, is assists in building excitement and energy, both of which are vital in attracting the dollars needed to revitalize and transform.

TRULY-LOCAL operates like a 'B' corporation where ALL major decisions are made with two equally important criteria required.  The traditional bottom-line revenue focus is now coupled with a social or public benefit, with both requiring equal consideration. Creating the excitement and energy of a Truly-Local mindset within communities we serve while at the same time assisting local journalism, the key to community communication, to survive is our social mission.

Communities, local media and local businesses will be unable to thrive in the near future without working together and creating this Truly-Local mindset.  Time is of the essence and working together is most vital. With the support of National partners such as VETS.ORG, CHAMPS, 360 Media Alliance and many others, we assist local communities and news-media companies reclaim their rightful economic foundation.  This is accomplished by coupling the local communities current initiatives and goals with a pathway to success. Our process is a simple road map creating new synergies and optimism within the community.  These synergies help increase the strength of the underlying foundation sparking transformation.  

As we travel across the country, we are amazed at the innovation, creativity, pride and local spirit evident in most local communities.  In nearly every instance, we experience these elements and see the vast potential. Yet despite these ingredients, most local communities are failing to attain their full potential.  Ideas usually aren't the problem, it is the execution of those great ideas that need refining.   Our approach to building and creating a Truly-Local mindset is like no other, we tackle the root of the problem quickly, that of communication, teamwork and innovation. 

Building a Truly-Local mindset goes FAR beyond the typical shop-local campaign. While spending locally is critical, we believe the best way to grow a Truly-Local mindset is by educating the entire community on what truly constitutes a real and viable Truly-Local mindset. It starts with the top leadership and filters down to nearly every resident within your community. Building the Truly-Local mindset is a journey, not a destination.  The efforts to extract resources by national businesses from local communities won't be ending anytime soon, thus your efforts of building your Truly-Local mindset can't rest either.

TRULY-LOCAL understands the financial pressure communities face. We aren't your typical consultant or advisor. We provide the expertise and roadmap while getting involved as little or as much as you deem necessary. Our goal is to provide your community with the tools, processes and roadmap allowing your community, the local media and the local businesses to work together far beyond and past our presence in whatever fashion that might be. 

If we are around very long, we haven't done our job well.  We assist in strategies that build your winning team from your local community.  After a little coaching, we stand back and watch your community become a "TRULY-LOCAL COMMUNITY".

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