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Truly-Local, LLC is pleased to offer qualified communities an exclusive relationship with is an award-winning National information service founded in 1990 to provide support, information and reunions for members veterans of all services. serves veterans and their families where enrollment id FREE in the National VETS Archives. Once enrolled, veterans may print a VETS ID card that is honored by many businesses who offer veteran discounts and other specials in a variety of the
"We Honor VETS" programs.
WE HONOR VETS: This promotional program made possible by the local media company, community and business base easily identifies groups and companies who appreciate and honor the service and sacrifice of veterans. Door decals alert each visitor and let veterans know special deals are available to them. The annual fee is small, the impact and financial benefit to the business is powerful. Business sponsors are listed in the National website directory. Subject to guidelines, local business sponsors may use the logo in advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns at no cost.
VETS VOLUNTEERS:  Veterans are citizens with special skills, life experiences along with a desire to serve others. The VETS motto, "We served our Nation with Honor, WE serve our Communities with Pride!" reflects this dedication.  Communities can gain a favorable civic image when they manage a VETS volunteer effort in their community. enrolls and identifies veterans who want to volunteer for local civic projects. The community then coordinates selected projects. provides access to veteran volunteers, software management programs and other resources willing to assist with the community projects. There are NO participation fees for this service.
VETS EVENTS:  Some communities are strategically located near military installations or large veteran populations. VETS offers a variety of events suitable for community sponsorships such as returns to prior duty stations, outfit reunions or celebrations of veterans on special holidays such as Veterans Day, 4th of July and so forth. These events are eligible for VETS certification and publicity.
VETS provides many ways to do great deeds and benefit economically as well lifting the entire community.
"We Honor Vets" fees earn a 50% commission to be used to further promote vets locally
Local business retains 100% of any local ad sales with VETS promotion
All Charter fess WAIVED for the 1st 50 communities
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