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The Mission
Create positive peer-level role models for youth nationwide by designating, publicizing and financially rewarding character-building behaviors at the community, regional, state and national levels.
Strategic Objective
CHAMPS! awards are not the end of the process. They are the beginning point for our strategic objectives to use peer recognition to encourage other community youth to become CHAMPS!  We affiliate with community programs and institutions with proven youth development programs and promote services to aspiring youth across the entire CHAMPS! network.
One million annual CHAMPS! awards in participating communities nationwide.
Concept Summary
The process recognizes and awards CHAMPS! designation for individual and group achievement in six major categories:
1)  Community  (Civic activities, public service, scouting, charitable etc.)
2)  Human Expression  (the arts defined as music, painting, poetry, chess etc.)
3)  Academics  (all types of learning experiences via traditional and home schooling)
4)  Marketplace  (Careers: i.e. entrepreneurship, vocational, job-related, workforce etc.)
5)  Personal Achievement  (overcoming individual challenges, i.e. physical, mental)
6)  Sports (Athletics: character, actions & behaviors, public & private categories)
7)   ! Exclamation Point: This punctuation symbol emphasizes the overall character standards for all categories of
      awards.  Good behavior and cooperative nature are attributes that every CHAMPS! designee must possess to
      meet the basic requirements of being a positive peer role model.
These categories and their extensive sub-categories are equally important in identifying CHAMPS! The primary criteria is not based on achieving awards or honors, but having a reputation and character worthy of being seen as a positive peer role model by others in the community.
CHAMPS! award designations are not a competition between individual nominees. Awards are based on individual achievements in specific categories and classifications and not comparative or competitive with other nominees.
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