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360 Media Alliance "Small Market Consortium"

Many small and mid-sized markets have a conundrum.

  • They know they MUST find ways to become more lean while growing revenue.

  • They know they MUST upgrade their systems.

  • They know they MUST become much more virtual and digital savvy.

  • They know they MUST reach their consumer and business audiences in a better manner.

Of the hundreds of publishers and owners I have had conversations with over the past few years, in over 90% of the cases, they are unable to do many of the things they know they MUST do to adequately and effectively move their business into a more savvy and digital age.  This is due to the obvious economic constraints upon their financial resources and/or their human capital. Because of the economic conditions and subsequent cutbacks, they often-times feel somewhat helpless and at sea without a rudder.

The 360 Media Alliance has created the “Small Market News-Media Consortium” for this exact reason. Small and Mid-sized news-media companies will now have access to a “bucket of resources” provided by industry experts that can solve many of the above problems at little or even no cost in many cases. These Industry experts are outstanding at what they do and have stepped forward with these great programs offering you and your community a life-line to the future.  This outstanding expertise standing by to assist news-media companies in ways they may not have even imagined. You now have the ability to take advantage and bring what are normally large market products and services to nearly any sized market in the country, all you have to do is take a few minutes and ask.

Don’t get left farther behind, this is a power opportunity at little or even no cost in some cases, that is entirely up to you and what fits your business model.


Not sure this is for you?  A simple phone call or email might answer that question for you.  For additional information, simply contact John Newby at: or by phone at 815-326-9061.

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