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Building NEW Local Market Synergies

TRULY-LOCAL, LLC is not just a company, it is a movement. A movement to shift the tide of local spending in local communities in such a way so as to help them prosper into the future. TRULY-LOCAL, LLC operates much like a 'B' corporation where all financial decisions are made with not just a revenue focus in mind, but equally important, their community benefit or social responsibility to creating a Truly-Local mindset and assisting local journalism tell the community story as well. Equal weight MUST be given to both financial and community as well! TRULY-LOCAL, LLC  investors must have this mindset to be involved with us.

Local news-media companies have tried many things to stem the tide of the economic market impact and thus, the decline of their revenue base.  Much of this can be attributed to failed financial and innovative strategies, but it can equally be attributed to a subsequent decline in the foundation that once was, their community impact.  It need not be that way and ironically, it can easily be turned around quickly by taking the right steps.


A news-media company cannot survive without a viable and robust community. When a community is declining and suffering economically, you can rest assured the news-media company is declining and suffering as well. While many may not think of it in these terms, some will say a community and a news-media company can’t survive without each other.


What if there was a way to reverse this trend quickly?  What if there was a strategic method to build a foundation built upon not only the news-media company and their sales efforts?  What if this strategic plan included the city government, the Chambers or Main Street organizations, the civic clubs, church groups, veterans organizations, youth groups and more? What if this plan was more of a strategic game rather than an initiative that cost a great deal to employ?

TRULY-LOCAL, LLC provides this strategic approach has one goal in mind. The goal is to build a foundation that serves as the foundation for the news-media company, the city government, the Chambers and Main Streets as well as the civic clubs, church groups along with the entire community.  As they say, “a rising water raises all the ships in the harbor”, now is the time to raise your ship as well.

For more information regarding the strategic strategy to build this critical foundation, please contact TRULY-LOCAL, LLC at: or call 815-326-9061 for more information. 

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